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Founded Deanship of Library Affairs at King Khalid University in 1420, one of the Deanships the new university, which means serving the students , faculty members , lecturers , teaching assistants and supervise the Central Library and the branch libraries , and secure various sources of information , and falls currently under the supervision of the Public Libraries Central Library all accessories, and a number of colleges, libraries inside and outside the city of Abha. Deanship looking forward to the implementation of plans for the future with the support and patronage of His Excellency Prof. Dr.Rector agents and the university, to check the demands of the beneficiaries.


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  • "prevent reading out loud."
  • "maintain order and calm and comply with the instructions and guidelines for the library."
  • "prevents eating and drinking inside the library."
  • "not to return books to the shelves after the completion of their use."
  • "when loaning library, you must return it to the library before the expiration of the period of secondment."
  • "allows the renewal of lending books to borrow the second period as may be required, seizure and demand
  • "must be maintained on the books and not writing or shred it or miss it."
  • "must be maintained library collection of library materials and equipment, furniture and not tampered with"
  • "library surveillance through cameras in all sections."
  • "Library staff is always at your service."